The Society of University Surgeons Foundation

Online Membership Application

The current SUS application cycle is closed. The next application cycle is scheduled for June 1, 2018-August 17, 2018. 
For membership criteria, click here. Please  note the SUS membership criteria will be changing for the upcoming application cycle. Check back for updated information mid February 2018. 

Application Procedure 

The application process consists of the following steps: 

 1. Create an Account: Applicants must create an account in the system, activate it, and complete Sections 1-3 of the membership application which includes general applicant institution information. 

2. Sponsor Information: Applicants must complete Section 4 which includes SUS Member Sponsor and Department Chair Information. Once Section 4 has been completed, click on the Send Email button to send automatic emails to both the Member Sponsors and Department Chair requesting them to upload letters of recommendation directly to the system. Please note that applications are not considered complete until the letters have been received, therefore you should complete Section 4 well in advance of the deadline to allow your letter writers time to upload their letters. If you are completing your application in stages, you MUST also click on the Save & Finish Later button at the bottom of this section in the online system in order for your letter writer to successfully be able to upload a letter for you. Letter writers will receive an automatic email with a link but will not be able to upload a letter for you unless you Save or Submit your application. 

3. Surgical Training, Extramural Research Funding, and Publications: Complete the appropriate information in sections 5-7 of the membership application. 

4. Supporting Documents: Upload CV and List of Publications and submit your application.  Please note, once you click the Submit button you will not be able to edit your SUS membership application. If your application is not complete, click the Back button and Save and Finish your application. If your application is complete, click Submit, and your application will be accepted for review. If you need assistance, email or call us at 310-986-6442 extension 138.