The Society of University Surgeons Foundation

Writing Letters of Recommendation


Instructions for SUS Member Sponsors and Department Chairs for Writing Letters of Recommendation:

All letters of support will only be accepted in electronic format (pdf). This allows the Membership Committee to include your important comments in the web-based Membership Application system.

Letters of recommendation (LOR) should fully describe the past and present activities of the candidate as they may bear on his/her future promise as a University Surgeon.

Formatting Your Letter of Recommendation

Letters of support must be uploaded to the web-based Membership Application system.  Please submit your letter as a PDF document. An electronic link will be sent to you using the email address the candidate provided on his/her application. Your letter will be uploaded directly to the application, however, it is helpful if you include your name when naming the document prior to upload (e.g. Jane Doe LoR for John Roe. pdf). 

Please DO NOT send paper letters of support or other supporting documents. These cannot be included in the Applicant's Membership packet for review, and thus will not benefit the Applicant.

The deadline for SUS Membership application is Friday, August 17, 2018 at midnight EST. Please ensure that you upload your letter by the deadline date or the application will not be considered complete. 

 NOTE: In order to meet the eligibility requirements, SUS Member Sponsors must be members in good standing. If an SUS Sponsor is unsure of their status, they should contact Member Services at  or call (310) 986-6442, ext 138, as soon as possible to confirm.